Monday, June 23, 2008

Go Daniela

Daniela got a new bike this spring and has been excited to ride it. This was a 4 hour ride. Daniela stuck in there and rode the whole trip. WAY TO GO DANIELA!! Ernesto loves it!

The boys

This is the view from the new house. Ernesto and Antony are getting ready for a bike ride, one of their favorite activities.

Off to the trail.

Getting ready for a bike trip - Antony likes his bike helmet. Every time he puts it on, he taps the helmet to say he's ready to go. Then, he says "go". He is so funny because he loves to watch out the windows and always falls asleep. He can sleep through the bumpiest of rides.
Ready to go.
Off they go.

Some older pics

We went to the sporting goods store. When Antony saw the bike, he was very excited. You can see that he is very serious about it. Like father, like son. I foresee a lot of bike riding in our future.
Crazy hair day.
Antony loves the scooter! And, Daniela enjoys pushing him. If you can see the look on his face, he is making the vroom sound. (Somehow the pictures were changed to black and white.)