Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bear Lake

For the holiday we went camping with Ernesto's parents, who are in town, and his sister's family. we went to Bear Lake. The kids LOVED it and we had a nice time. We stayed in a campground and trecked to the lake each day. It was very nice. I think we will be making short trips there more often.

Well this doesn't look like a lake, but we went hiking one morning. I finally got a good picture of Daniela. I was excited! Usually she doesn't smile, she closes her eyes, or just hides from the camera. Check out this cool tree. I think that is why I got a nice little pose, the cool tree.

Antony took a 2 second break lounging in his cousin's chair. His rash guard shirt has sand worked into the fibers. I spent 30 minutes trying to beat the sand out. It didn't work, and I just got sand in my eyes. He thoroughly enjoyed playing in the sand and water.

Ernesto took Antony out on the kayak where Antony enjoyed the waves.

Ahhhh sand and water, what a beautiful combination for a child. He went crazy with excitement.

Daniela enjoyed the kayak as well. She is also a water child. She could live in the water. Here she is paddling in against the mountain backdrop. How nice.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Quick note

I tried to upload some photos but that is going to have to wait till tomorrow, cuz I am rushing out the door. One good thing about meetings all day is that the work day goes quickly. I now get to go home. YEA!!! Tomorrow, I promise some really cute pics.

Monday, July 28, 2008

To Tara

This is a small post for Tara. I do not know how to find you and respond to your comment. Of course I remember you. California dreamin' girl that was so sick of the Ephriam winter, that came with a fish in the airplane. Yes, I remember those days. Jenn is so good I am so impressed with her ability to stay in touch with people. She was so caring and I was so clueless. Anyway, it is good to hear from you. Please comment and give me your blog address or e-mail.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


There is something so strange to me about posting on a blog. It had never occurred to me to write little tidbits and post them on the web for all to read. But, I ran into a the mother of one of my high school friends and she told me about her daughter's blog. My friend Jessica has come up with cloth diaper patterns and sells her patterns on the web (She and her husband work on their business and do very well.) I was very interested in seeing what she was up to and discovered her blog. I found it very fun to read her posts about everyday life, homeschooling her children, home births, and many other things. From there I have found the blogs of many other friends and family. Isn't it strange to be able to jump into someones daily happenings and thoughts with the click of your mouse.

I created this blog for my family to see what we are doing here in our little corner of the world, but I notice that friends have found me too, how fun. I have debated doing more than just the pictures and decided that it would be fun to just be a blogger. So, the following entries will be my attempts at making life interesting. I hope you enjoy.

How do you spell Blogging and blogger, is it one g or two?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Expanded Info

Well I guess I should give you a little more info. We moved to a new home in the same city, in fact it was a few blocks away, but it is an awesome home. I'll have to put up some pics.
I will be done with my degree in August. I give my final presentation on the 5th and should be able to walk in December. YEA!!!! Finally! And, Ernesto is working with a local company doing consulting work. It is a bigger company than the one he was working for previously. It gives him more opportunities and I believe he is enjoying it more.

Summer Fun

I am still trying to get used to this free forum for posting. Bloging gives you endless opportunities to express yourself and create. I know I usually just put up a picture and tell you about it. But, I am venturing out and becoming more daring, how about a little more narative for ya'll.
We have been so busy this spring moving, Ernesto's new job, and me finishing up my degree. Not to mention the kids and running around everywhere. Antony had tubes put in his ears and Daniela has been back at gymnastics. However, she is now focusing on the "tumbling" portion. So she is fliping and floping on the trampoline and the gymnastics floor. It is impressive to see. We will get some pics in the near future.
Right now, Daniela is in Seattle with her grandparents visiting her aunt and cousins for a couple weeks. She will return on the 22nd. I think Antony will be excited to see her. They enjoy spending time together. I think he gets a little bored without her. Oh lucky Daniela and her little shadow.
Before she left we all decided to go to the little zoo in town. Antony really got a kick out of the animals, he is starting to notice more details. Here he is looking at the monkeys with Daniela and Ernesto. It is so much fun to add the new excitement of children to experiences that we are used to. Daniela and Ernesto were making the monkey noises and narrating things for him. He was very happy and even participated in making the noises.

Below, He is riding his new bike. He was so excited about this bike that he couldn't wait for me to get it put together. He wanted to ride it right then and was getting frustrated that I would not let him. It was so funny.
I was so excited we found one that would work for him. He is just drawn to bikes! It is one of his favorite things. That day, Ernesto took him out to the park and he rode his bike for hours.
We also bought this swimming pool for him. He loves water and goes nuts in it. He was so angry with me when I took him out, but his lips were blue and he was shivering. And look, ugh his ears!!!