Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Goals (adventures in jogging)

It has always been a goal of mine to run a marathon. I'm not really sure why. I think it has something to do with the feeling of accomplishment I felt when I rode my bike from Salt Lake City, Utah to the Arizona State border. It is that overwhelming rush you get from pushing yourself futher than you thought you possibly could. Well, I have decided that it is time to push and follow through with my goal.

I am so extremely busy right now, but I figure I could always say that and keep putting it off or I could just take some time out of my day and make myself train. Thus, I begin my training.

I have been using the elliptical machine in the basement irregularly and now that it has finally stopped raining in my neck of the woods, I believe I should go outside and jog. However, this is proving to be much more difficult than I anticipated. Putting the babies in the stroller, getting the water and the snacks, making them happy, then pushing them. It is a bit of a chore to even get out the door. But, I keep telling myself that it will get better once they get used to the routine. Luckily we have a cemetary close by (.5 miles away) with paths that are easy to navigate and I don't have to worry about cars, potholes, or gutters. I have even clocked the place and know that two laps around the outer path are a mile.

I ventured out a few days ago, and was able to put half a mile before my son decided that he needed to get out and run with me, there were sprinklers going. I didn't mind because I thought I might have to colapse for lack of air. Ugh. I felt a little disappointed.

Today I went out again. I wasn't going to, but my teenager is training for volleyball tryouts and asked me to go (By asking I mean she used her pursuasive powers of repetition until I caved.) And I'm glad she did, it was a much better experience this time. My babies were compliant and happy to just ride along and enjoy their stroller. And I ran a full mile. It was very exhilarating. The first half of the mile was hard, but I love that feeling of pushing through the uncomfortable feeling of "I don't think I'm in shape enough to be doing this" to "Oh ya, this is okay". It is like my body enters this different zone where it settles into the strain and numbs a bit to the activity and I am able to just go. I love that feeling. And then I am done and I feel great, accomplished if you will.

So, this is the first of my running (jogging) entries be ready for more, cuz I am determined to follow through with this goal.

(I learned once that telling others about your goals makes you more likely to follow through with them.)

Here I am today after running, my son thinks he needs his helmet for any kind of athletic activity. Yes, he wore his helmet on the run, and the baby fell asleep so she is with Papi for the pic. I was actually able to get my oldest to join in.