Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The new baby

Well, here is the little munchkin, hiding just like Antony did. I hope you can see it. Here are the little legs. Look how cute those little crossed feet are. I just love seeing it all.

So, I know I said that we would not find out the gender. But, we caved. We did not find out with Antony and I feel a little strange knowing before the actual birth, and it doesn't feel real yet. But, we were told that this little one is a

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I have been waiting to post because I have wanted some pictures, but I haven't loaded any new pics. I guess I can just do a quick update.

Daniela started school yesterday. She was very nervous for the "new school" thing. But, I think with time she will be fine. She looked very nice, as well she should have, she spent 5 hours choosing her outfit on Monday night. She also made sure I was up early to help her curl her hair, and I did it. Oh, the joys of school.

Antony is beginning to copy everything we say. Last night it was "all done". I usually say that when we finish his meals. But, he decided that he was "all done" when I was trying to clean his face. Picture him swatting at me saying "all done" very urgently. Cute stuff.

The little tummy dweller is constantly doing flips in there. Uh oh, I have another mover, and I am only 19 weeks. The ultrasound is next Monday, but be aware that we have decided not to find out the gender. It will be a surprise come January 15th or somewhere around there.

Tono and I are still the same.

Monday, August 11, 2008

yada yada yada

Tonight I promise to take home my computer so that I can load up some pics for my next subject. For now you just get ramblings.

I am so excited to have more time!!! I have been wanting to be able to get into cooking. And now I feel like I can. I have this friend who likes to cook and I always read her blog. She posted a potato recipe http://edennoel2.blogspot.com/ that I am excited to try. It will have to come with my next round of menus.

Anyway, I made Daniela go through my new bargain cookbook and pick out 3 recipes to try. (I'm so excited) She picked 2 salad recipes and a spaghetti recipe (She'll learn to venture out a bit as we continue, but this is part of the goal with my family.) I'll have to tell you how it goes.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Am I really done?

Well, I just went through 4 very crazy days. I typed and revised and typed and then revised my presentation again. I sat through 20 presentations, most of them teachers no fair, and gave mine. (When I say that the others were teachers, I mean they are good at being up in front of a group teaching or presenting. I had notes and they did not.)


I honestly can't believe it. After all of the work, it seems so strange to be done. I sat at the table after being grilled (yes they really grilled me, ugh) by the other students and professors and almost cried. I tried to show no emotion on my face, I think I did well. I sat through 2 other presentations (being very jealous that they were used to the teaching forum) then we had a 10 minute break. I walked out of the building and sat at some tables nearby. I finally was able to let a few tears slip by. I called tono (Ernesto) and he said congrats. I didn't know how to portray to him what I was feeling.

I felt relief, I felt regret for not doing as well as I really wanted to, and I just felt so amazed that I had really done it. He has his degree, it didn't affect him that way when he finished. So I sat and thought about that and then tried to chalk to tears up to pregnancy and hormones. :)

I think I will walk in December.

Master's Acknowledgements:

Costume and jewelry designer: Daniela
Good little sleeper: Antony
Daycare shuffler: Tono

Daniela wanted to dress me and pick out my jewelry for the big days, Antony slept the entire night on Monday, and Tono took care of the morning routines with the kids. Thanks!!!

So, now I can move on with my life. Time to post some pregnancy pics and discuss other fun topics. I have a little store of topics to address in my little brain. And, plenty of work waiting at the job after 2 days of being gone. Oh yea!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Coutdown till the end

I've decided to give a little countdown untill my Master's presentation and the culmination of my degree on Tuesday at 9:00 A.M. When I was younger, I NEVER got nervous for any type of presentation. However, now that I am older, I feel an odd churning in my stomach every time I think of speaking in front of everyone.

Maybe that is due to the fact that I have not done this project (paper and presentation) exactly the way they have wanted me to. My major professor has been fine to work with me, but the committee members did not exactly get the final draft of my paper. I keep telling myself that this is not about being the best, this is about finishing. But, there is a small part of me that feels really bad that I haven't been able to put my all into this final paper and presentation, cuz it could have been better and I hate looking like such a slacker.

But, what do you do when you are working full time, a mother to a teenager and a baby, and settling into a new home, and pregnant (yes you heard me right, I'll post about it soon). I have just been pushing myself as hard as I can to accomplish this dream for myself I've wanted it so badly! I started this degree 5 years ago when I wasn't even fathoming Antony. Daniela was older and it was fine, but this has turned into an all out circus. And, now it is time for this little piece of life to be over, that happens on TUESDAY!!!! I can't believe that it is almost over, and I am so grateful.

I have been imagining all of my free time, all of the books that I want to read, and just the relief that when I think of doing things in the house or with the family, I won't have this nagging feeling that I have school work to do and I don't have time. So, I guess I can handle the fact that I will not be presenting my very best work and I will stumble through my mostly thought out paper and just finish. Four (4) days left.