Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Runnin' with the young'un

It is so hard to set aside the time to jog. Thank goodness I have a persistant daughter that pushes me until I go. We went out to jog the usual route tonight, .5 miles to the cemetary 2 laps around for a mile and the .5 mile back to the house. (I know that sounds whimpy, but you have to unterstand that I live on a steep hill so the beginning of the jog is nice and easy and the return is killer. I go to the cemetary because it is close and flat, and I don't have a long uphill return. Spectacular views, difficult jogging)

When we started down the hill, I told her she needed to go slow with her old fart mom until we got to the cemetary and then she could take off and meet me as I finished. It was funny to hear myself saying that to her, as the words escaped my mouth I had flashbacks to my childhood and my father saying those exact phrases to me as. I laughed at myself and spent the remainder of my run enjoying the memories from my father's perspective (love you pop).

As we arrived at the cemetary she did indeed forge ahead of me and I watched her disappear and eventually almost lap me. I had mixed emotions. I was proud of her athletic prowess, and mourning the fact that I am no longer in my prime. However, I quickly came to the the conclusion that I would just let her be a motivating force for me, thanks D. We ran 1.7 miles today, definitely an improvement.

Monday, July 13, 2009


We went camping on the 4th of July weekend. This time we only had a brief bout with the rain. We have been rained on the last three camping trips. All in all we enjoyed ourselves.