Monday, May 18, 2009


When my son had his first birthday, I paid to have his hair cut. It was $10. I thought that was pretty good deal. However, I found that his hair grows REALLY fast. It wasn't more than six weeks that I noticed his hair had grown to his shoulder blades. You couldn't really tell because he has curly hair, but when I washed his hair, I was suprised. I started calculating the cost of hair cuts and decided that I would have to teach myself how to cut his hair.

I thought I did a pretty good job the first time, but I realized that he had these long spots throughout. The second cut was better, but after a couple days of looking at him I realized that he had a slight mullet. I believe that over the last year, I have done progressively better. And, I am happy to announce that I cut his hair again last week. This is my best work yet!!! yea!!

I hope my baby's hair is curly and forgiving too. But, I used to cut my oldest daughters hair until she wanted to get all fancy. I still say my cuts are good, but (ya know) it isn't cool to have your mom cut your hair unless she is a "real" hair dresser, which I am not.

Here, see for yourself.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Busy, Busy

I cannot believe how crazy life has been. I have not even had time to look on the internet. So, I am posting very quickly. These are a couple videos of the kids. I think they are cute.

Here, my son is hitting a baseball that his grandparents gave him for Easter. His father taught him how to hit it out of his hand.

And, here are my three children. The older 2 are helping my baby roll out her first belly laugh. I love it!!