Monday, September 22, 2008

Developmentally Appropriate toys

Quick little note.

In my reading, I found that I can order Montessori catalogs for free. Montessori is a developmentally appropriate preschool program for children and they have very nice toys that are so good for little brain development. I ordered them, just to see what I can find there. I anticipate them being a little pricey, but it can't hurt to look, and maybe I can get some ideas.


I believe that organization will be a forever quest in my life.

Ernesto, my dear husband. He has a natural ability to look at a mess and see it the way it could look - organized. I believe it is a gift, I believe you are born with this gift. So, what do the rest of us do that are always trying to learn this skill?

I have tried for many years to follow Ernesto's ideas of what will make us organized, and have recently decided that this is not what works for me. I have to develop my own ways of organization. So, here I sit, trying to figure out how to do this. I am still in the early stages of realizing the principles of organization. Here are some things I have learned:

  • Everything should have a place.
  • It is best to put things back (where they go) right after you use them.
  • Declutter
  • Set aside a time for everything. ie. cleaning, playing, relaxing.
  • Try to make things as simple as possible.

How is that for basic? Wow, those are very common sense items, but honestly I DIDN'T GET IT. (This is where I apologize to all my prior roommates.)

Currently, I am following these principles and running around in circles. My house is clean (YEA) most of the time, but I have to figure out how to spend less time cleaning and more time doing what I want. Therefore, my first effort in organization of chores and life is a HUGE calendar.

I bought a "Mark-R-Board" panel at Lowes and drew a bunch of lines to make my calendar. I wanted a board that would give me 3 months at a glance. I really wanted it to be magnetic, but I did not want to spend a bunch of money to buy one that was already made or the paints, and I couldn't find one that would give me 3 months at a time. So, I settled for just dry-erase.

Ernesto will be hanging it tonight. I can't tell you how excited I am! Each family member will have a color, and there will be a neutral color for family or general activities. I will be listing chores there and the whole family schedule.

I anticipate this being just the thing I need to make things run more smoothly. I'll have to keep you updated. As I see how this runs for me, I will be adding more organizational tools to make my life a little easier, but I am focusing on one thing at a time. Next comes paper organization. ie bills and filing. (UGH, the bane of my existence.)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The baby wrap

I was on the rookie mom's (check my favorite links on the right) website and ran into this! I don't know about anyone else out there, but I really wanted a carrier for Antony that didn't leave his feet dangling and kept him close to me. However, I didn't want to pay a bunch. And being crafty myself, I knew there was a way to make one. I saw some on Etsy and just knew I could figure out a way to whip it up.

Well, I made a one shoulder sling but... now that he is bigger that is tough on the back. So, imagine my excitement when I found what I was looking for. On the Rookie Moms website, they tell you that you just need some cloth, cotton or fleece, that is 5 yards by 20 inches and you can make your own little wrap. Then, go here to this website that gives you instructions on how to wrap your little one all nice and snug.

So, all you bargain minded moms, check it out. I'm going to make one. I can't really use it now with Antony, big belly and all, but I can with the little one coming. Good luck.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Grocery shopping

I finally did it. I finally made myself sit down and go through the bargains at the grocery store and coupons before going shopping. And..... It felt so satisfying.

I had it all planned out before I went, yes, it took me 1 hour to prepare with Antony, but shopping went so smoothly. And, I felt so pleased with myself when I got such great deals! I even walked away with a FREE bottle of delicious orange juice. (not from concentrate, and sooo good) And, guess what - I bought really yummy food. I made salmon last night. wow!

I can see this becoming a bit of an addiction. There is nothing better than feeling like you are feeding your family well and not spending a grundle for it!

So, does anyone out there know of any good coupon sites? Or other bargain shopping ideas?

Hoggle Zoo

We went to Hoggle Zoo this weekend with my sister and dad. I only have photos from one of the cameras so here are the best ones. I'm glad Joanna got Antony smiling. Look how big he is. Here are Joanna and Daniela goofing off. I think there are at least twenty photos of these two (J/K). Daniela is discovering how excited she is to take pics of herself. But, now we have all of these close-up face shots, cuz she holds the camera out and takes a pic of herself.

Joanna used to work at the zoo and it was nice to have her guiding us around. I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much without her excellent tour guide skills. Thanks Yo

Monday, September 15, 2008

New development

So, it has been a while. But, I've had some irons in the fire. My latest announcement. I'm going part-time at work. I'm not quite sure what this means for me, but I'm way excited. I have so many things I want to do at home. I just can't wait!

I will be switching over on the 17th of October.