Sunday, December 28, 2008


We are fortunate to have a very busy holiday season. Not only do we have Christmas and new years, but we get to squish a couple birthdays in between.

Today is Daniela's birthday

She is 14

And, today's post is dedicated to her!

Daniela has always been a very independent child and has her own little mind. She definitely is her own person.
As she has grown it has been a bit of a challenge for me to understand her likes and wants and allow her those, as I am very different in many areas.
She is my little diva and I try very hard to give her that independence.
Daniela is very caring, thoughtful, hard working, and beautiful. I am so proud of her many accomplishments and I don't tell her enough how much she means to me! She is a great sister and Antony ADORES her. I am greatful that they have eachother!
She is her father's daughter in many ways and it is fun to see how their relationship is growing and changing as she gets older.
I can't believe the young woman that she is becoming. This is the same child that used to love the playground, and roughhousing. Now, she might break a nail or mess up her hair. However, I still see the little girl, especially when she and Antony play together.
Dear little Daniela, I love you! You will always be my little girl.


We had a very nice Christmas this year.

As Daniela has gotten older, and Antony is now starting to understand Christmas, I have been trying to establish and start our family traditions. So far, I have Christmas morning all set. The kids come into the family room while we film. We have music in the background and I make orange rolls and eggs with orange juice for breakfast. Next year, I believe that I will have more energy and we will try to stick to some Colombian traditions for Christmas eve, as that is the big day down there.

This year Toño decided to take Christmas eve pictures of the kids. And, much to his dismay, Antony didn't want to take pictures.

However, we did manage to get a few decent shots.

Antony is actually laughing at me showing him my belly.

We hope everyone had a very nice holiday celebration and wish all a Happy New Year

Friday, December 19, 2008

What's in a name?

Toño and I have been trying to think of a name for this little girl for months and we cannot settle on one. We don't even have a list of names to choose from. Every time I think of an option, it is vetoed and vice versa for him. We just haven't found the "IT" name, the one that jumps out and grabs you for your child. Isn't that what happens?
It was different for Antony. We knew we wanted him to have his name from his dad's middle name, Antonio. But, we are really struggling with a girls name.
As time winds down I'm starting to feel a little anxious that we don't even have some to choose from. I think I have looked through the name book at least 4 times. This poor child is going to end up nameless for her first year of life.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

First Snow

Today we had our first real snow. Antony got all bundled up and we went out with Ernesto to shovel the driveway. He LOVED the snow! He quickly learned that he could eat it and even catch the snowflakes in his mouth. Daniela watched from inside.

Big laughs in the snow.

Surveying the site.

Digging right in.

I was excited for the white landscape and enjoyed watching Antony get such a kick out of the snow. It took Ernesto about two and a half hours to clear the driveway. Hopefully that will go more quickly as we learn a new routine.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Closer to birth

As I get closer to giving birth, I find myself thinking about my birth plan. I know that some people don't even worry about it and just let things happen, and I know that some people have very detailed plans. I did not write one with Antony, but as I think back on his birth, there are a few things that I didn't like and I find myself wondering what my options are. I wonder about the hospital procedures and the things they do with the babies and I want things differently.

I have also been reading my friend's blog. She has chosen to have 2 home births and is currently one week ahead of me on her 4th child and third home birth. I just read her current situation and her description of home birth vs hospital birth. After reading her feelings, I find myself longing for the birthing freedom's of home birth. I want my child to be placed on my stomach and to be able to hold her as long as I feel necessary before they do anything to her. I don't like my baby put under bright lights, I don't like the poking and prodding. I don't want her to have to be taken away from me at all. I don't want a bossy nurse that has "done this since before you were born", or one that wants me to bottle feed my child when I am struggling with nursing. I want understanding gentle women that realize it is my experience with my child. And if I ask for something to be different, I don't want to worry that my care will be compromised and that they will talk behind my back.

I was able to labor at home for 33 hours with Antony. I think that is what made it so nice for me. I enjoyed that experience and I appreciated the privacy and the process. I handled the pain well and I really cherish that experience. It was the second they told me that I had to sit down on the bed that I realized I was in a lot of pain that I knew I couldn't finish the way I had been doing it. If I would have had the option, I would have continued to walk through the pain and tried to have him naturally. I did not like sleeping in the hospital, the bed was horrible.

After reading my friend's blog, I think I will be writing a birthing plan and I think that I will be more demanding. I have not been planning for a home birth, I don't have that option at this point, but I think I can make my hospital experience more like I want it to be. Well, I hope..

Friday, December 5, 2008

Shouldn't I be sleeping?

I thought I was suposed to be very tired. Why can't I sleep tonight? I have been awake since 2:30 and I cannot make myself fall back asleep.

My son is finally sleeping through the night and I can't. I think there must be something wrong here.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The big one!

I had forgotten about this since the last pregnancy. I had forgotten how very painful this can be. I never experience this phenomenon outside of pregnancy. But..... last night it happened, in the middle of the night

The CHARLIE-HORSE, Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

Ladies, I know you have experienced this. It is just terrible. You stretch in your sleep and there it is. My foot was stuck in one position, my calf was rock hard and I desperately struggled to rub my leg in vain. Then, as I flexed my foot to counteract the first stretch there it was in another muscle, another one trapping my foot again in the flexed position. My only option was to try to relax.
Finally.. it ended and I lied there panting until I fell back asleep.

This morning when I woke up, I thought maybe it was a dream until I stood up. I have spent the entire day limping around. Ugh. I will be putting heat on this puppy when my son finally sleeps and remember not to stretch tonight.

Monday, December 1, 2008


I enjoy trying to come up with new projects and making new crafty things. It seems to be a hobby of mine. Unfortunately, I have not been able to do any of it. I planned to make some aprons and felt food for my little nieces this weekend but we ended up car hunting.

Ernesto sold the truck to buy a car that would fit 2 carseats comfortably without Daniela being squooshed in the middle. So, we have been searching. I think we found what we want and are bargaining this week. Hopefully, we will be all set by Saturday and I can move on with my Christmas projects.

Christmas checkoff list for the neices and one nephew.
-3 aprons
-3 sets of felt food
-2 activity bags (contents yet to be announced, still looking for ideas)

We shall see if I can get it all done.