Monday, October 27, 2008


Three names I go by:

3 Restaurants I love:
Café Sabor
Sushi joints (none specific, I got pregnant soon after I discovered I liked sushi)
Big yummy salads (where ever I can get one)

3 Trips to plan this year:
None, I’m stuck at home with little ones.
I guess I will go to SLC for Dutch Christmas

3 Things you want badly:
To get rid of all my blubber after the baby.
Health and happiness for the people I love.

3 people who I want to tag to do this:
Whoever wants to participate.

3 pets I have or had:
Chako the Chacolate Lab
Oreo the fish
The beta fish

3 things I did yesterday:
Took Antony for a walk
Worked on Antony’s Halloween costume
Talked to Daniela

3 things I plan to do tomorrow:
Finish Antony’s costume
Make the pumpkin squares that Mindy put off till Wednesday
Catch up on the filing.

3 Favorite Hoildays:

3 favorite drinks:
Chocolate milk

3 Things I ate today:
Cream of Wheat
a doughnut

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bake off

Yesterday at work there were a few of us talking about pumpkin squares. I told some of the ladies that I had found a very good recipe. I thought it was delicious. Well, of course Mindy told me that hers were better. After a moment of disagreement, we decided on a bake-off. Monday we will be bringing our squares and we will let the office decide. I will have to let you know when I win, ha ha ha. I will even post the recipe here for all of you to try them. I used the 29 oz. can of pumpkin and left out a bit. They were super moist and very good. Good luck Mindy!


The bake off turned out to be rather uneventful. No one could decide. Mindy's pumpkin squares had nutmeg in them and you could definitely taste a difference. She also had thicker frosting, which I liked. So, overall it was just good and everyone was happy to have treats.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Being at home

I was suprised at how busy I was this morning. I have decided that I will need to do a few new things with Antony. I have to streamline his nap time now. He definitely needs a play time in the mornings to get his energy out.

This will take a little time for him too. I bet he missed his friends this morning. He slept in and didn't go play for 10 hours. It felt very strange to be home. It will be a bit of an adjustment. But, good!!! yea!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Ya, so I didn't win anything. I usually don't. Maybe one day I will have an increadable winning story that will last for the rest of my life. But, for now.. Who does win those things anyway?

Well, I am looking good for going part-time. All the files are ready and I am currently putting off packing up my office. I am very excited/nervous. Here goes nothin'. Kudos to all you stay-at-home moms!!! I feel like I am stepping into an abyss of unknown.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


So, I found a blog called The Secret is in the Sauce. They are having their blogathon today. I've decided to participate, so you will see thier button on my sidebar and I'm telling all about their site.

Oh, one more requirement.
5 sites that I found through their blog.

Skip to my lou
Today's creative blog
Tip junkie
Pennies in my Pocket
Parenting Pink

Monday, October 13, 2008

Countdown to part-time

This is my last week of full-time work. (I have to let this digest)

I've decided that I must be very resistant to change. I'm a little nervous to do this. I haven't worked part-time since I was in school in 2001. I have to keep running the reasons that I am doing this through my head, and overall they win out to my nerves. Guess I'm a comfort zone kinda gal. It is nice to feel that I will have less to do here. I can't picture what this will be like. So, I'm not trying to any more. I'm just going to let it happen and go from there.

Antony will be happy. We won't be leaving so early in the morning and Daniela will be able to leave to the bus stop from home instead of my work, she can sleep in too. Soooo, here we go.

Friday, October 3, 2008


I have never participated in a tag. But, my friend Melissa tagged me for 6 of my quirks. So, here you go.

1. I eat some sort of sugary item every day. I have tried to quit, but I am hooked on sugar. Wait, I just love food!
2. I love showers. They are my relaxation. Before Antony, I could spend a half-an-hour in the shower without even blinking an eye. Now I don't have time, and when I do, I prefer sleep , ahhh sleep.
3. One of my favorite TV shows is Matlock. He he.
4. I enjoy being handy. I get a kick out of figuring things out. How to fix things, how to install things, and put them together. ex. tiling, putting together Antony's bike, fixing broken toys, etc.
5. I like to sew in any form, maybe this would fall in with #4, but... I guess it is a different form.
6. And finally, ummmm, I can't swim. I have tried to learn, but I just don't float. I sink, honestly. I have to work so hard in water that it makes swimming very difficult.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Here in Utah it has been unusually nice weather. Everyone is enjoying it and pleased that our fall is being extended, but I find myself wishing for cold. I know that I should love the warm weather, and it is beautiful. But, I am sooo hot!

I cannot believe how much these little ones raise your temperature gauge. Lately, I have been waking at night just sweating. I don't sleep with covers and with as little clothing as possible. I look over at Tono and he wrapped like a cocoon in blankets. Last night I had to get up and wipe myself down with a cool washrag to get back to sleep. Ugh!

I asked Daniela this morning if she was hot last night and she told me that she was cold. I think I better start dressing Antony in warmer nightclothes. I just feel bad when I dress him warm while I am steaming, I feel like I am going to roast the poor kid. Maybe I won't, and it is just me.

Random Photos

I have a little store of photos that I have been trying to download. I finally did it, and will be displaying them now.

Here are Antony and Tono reading together in his favorite little spot, the hammock.

Antony ready for a ride. He likes his sunglasses, they are like his papi's (Ernesto)

Antony kept backing away from the camera while Tono was trying to take the picture, freaking his dad out.

Antony enjoyed twirling the leaves

Daniela trying to muster up a "good" smile.

Antony and I throwing rocks in the river