Monday, September 28, 2009


Alas, I fear that I have alienated all of my readers by my lack of posting. I have just been so busy. I bought a movie a week ago and haven't even opened it to view it. I sits above the TV waiting for me to have an hour of free time. I think it might sit for a while.

And here I sit, late at night, knowing that I will suffer because I am not sleeping. But, I figure you should all know that I am still alive and being taken over by Box Elder bugs here at my house.

This is a sweet pic from my husband's phone. We were able to take the kids out for a little walk. My youngest was able to sit in the stroller instead of riding in the sling and her brother couldn't be happier. She is now 8 months old. I just don't believe it.


Todd and Lisa said...

Hey Rach, it would have been so fun if you could have come here with Carrie & Joanna but obviously Daniela has school and you have work. Just know that you were missed. I hope things are running smoothly with the preschool and with Aspen Grove Advocacy. We love you!

Jessica said...

Oh Miss Rach, where for art thou??

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